ShotSpotter - Court Case Exposes Failures Of ShotSpotter Technology

About: ShotSpotter, Inc. (SSTI)
by: Fuzzy Panda
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Fuzzy Panda
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The Simmons court case is a case every SSTI investor must read & that Wall Street hasn't commented on yet.

Simmons testimony & forensic data reveals flaws in ShotSpotter's technology - SSTI failed to spot the shots; forensic data was edited days later after requests from police.

NY Judge ruled ShotSpotter data inadmissable - calling it unreliable scientific evidence.

Disclosure changes show SSTI relying more on humans than software.

9.5x Sales is an unsustainably high valuation.

Executive Summary:

The Silvon Simmons case we recently uncovered reveals the many flaws of ShotSpotter (Nasdaq: SSTI) and why we are short the company. In Silvon Simmons, a police officer shot an allegedly