Moderna Therapeutics And Its Solid IPO

About: Moderna, Inc. (MRNA)
by: Euan Jones
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Euan Jones
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Moderna Therapeutics Inc. has filed for an IPO with a placeholder value of $500 million, potentially making it the largest American biotech IPO.

Moderna’s experimental treatments could cure a wide range of ailments, but none of the potential cures have advanced far in the FDA pipeline.

Moderna has plenty of cash on hand, and though there are some concerns about how much it will continue to increase research funding as it moves further in the development.

We will learn more aboutwhether investors should consider this a worthwhile investment once we learnModerna’s targeted valuation.

Massachusetts biotech startup Moderna Therapeutics (NASDAQ:MRNA) has filed for the potentially largest biotech IPO in US stock market history. Axios reported on Friday that the company has filed to raise $500 million and