The 2018 Article I'm Most Proud Of Writing

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  • The article I'm most proud of from 2018 is the article I wrote about Owens & Minor vs. Hawkins on February 5th.
  • In that article, I warned investors about the dangers of investing in Owens & Minor, and instead suggested that Hawkins was a better value.
  • Investors who heeded my warning would have been spared a dramatic loss of capital, and investors who purchased Hawkins would have done very well the past 9 months.
  • I've decided to sell my Hawkins position (mostly because of portfolio considerations), and this article will review what went right with these ideas.
  • The article also discusses acquisition cycles, demonstrates why I think debt-to-equity is a useful evaluation tool, and shares a couple of quick ways to assess management.

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Earlier this month I wrote an article that reviewed some of my biggest Seeking Alpha mistakes and what I had learned from them. This article will come from the opposite direction and review the article from 2018 of which I'm most proud. The article that holds this distinction is "Owens & Minor Inc. Is Cheap, But This Alternative Is A Better Value" and it was published back on February 5th, 2018. (That link should be un-paywalled, so everyone can read it.) The genesis of the article came after I read a bullish article from another SA author (one whom I admire) about Owens & Minor (OMI). OMI had sold off over -50% from its highs and it looked like a very good investment candidate for my style of investing, which focuses on beaten-down stocks that trade more than -30% off their highs. After taking a closer look and running OMI through my impairment tests, however, I found some warning signs that kept me from buying the stock. I decided to share those warning signs with other investors in that February article.

My general policy when writing bearish articles is to suggest some sort of alternative that is likely to perform better than the stock in question. Usually, that alternative investment takes the form of an ETF, but in the case of Owens and Minor, I thought that Hawkins (HWKN) had a better risk/reward profile. While Hawkins has a smaller market cap than OMI and is in a different sector, it was going through a similar acquisition cycle that OMI was going through at the time and Hawkins offered a respectable, and safe, dividend. Here is how the two investments have performed since the article was published compared to the S&P 500 index:

ChartHWKN Total Return Price data

ChartOMI data by YCharts

ChartHWKN data by YCharts

ChartOMI Debt to Equity Ratio (Quarterly) data by YCharts

ChartOMI Debt to Equity Ratio (Quarterly) data by YCharts

ChartHWKN Debt to Equity Ratio (Quarterly) data by YCharts

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