Acadia Healthcare: Former Patients, Staff, And U.K. Media Outlet Corroborate Findings While Opioid Crisis Persists

About: Acadia Healthcare Company, Inc. (ACHC)
by: Penn Little
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Penn Little
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Many patients and families from Acadia Healthcare are alleging various incidents of misconduct, which include wrongful death, sexual assault, and abuse/neglect of patients, some of whom are under 18.

Two former employees and a patient corroborate with stories of similar alleged actions.

Former patients and employees have reached out asking for more information.

Adolescent and young patients suffering from autism and learning disabilities are highly lucrative targets for exploitation procuring up to €730,000 annually in charges annually.

Hope and support drives many to search for better alternatives to institutional-grade and publicly traded providers.

Last week, First Lady Melania Trump said, in a Virginia Town Hall meeting:

Opioid addiction is an illness that has truly taken hold of our country. According to the Centers of Disease Control, more than