Brexit - An Objective Investing Perspective (Interview)

Includes: EWU, IEUR, VGK
by: Sven Carlin

Politics aside, it is important to have a clear investing perspective on how can our portfolio positions be affected by Brexit.

For now, markets are pricing in more pain for Europe, than Britain.

There are some stocks that should be avoided and some that shouldn't be impacted at all, on the contrary.

Brexit is a very hot topic in Europe nowadays. However, it is important to separate your investing perspective from whatever might be your political views. I sit down with Niche Masters Fund with head investment manager, Peter Barklin, and discuss his very interesting, objective investing perspective, on the potential implications of Brexit for us as investors.

Just as an interesting note from the video, European stocks (VGK) (IEUR) have been hit harder than UK stocks (EWU). This shows that the Brexit isn't just all bad for Britain and that we must carefully weigh the pros and cons. Enjoy the video:

Video content:

0:00 Introduction

1:40 Brexit for investors

3:27 What to own

5:08 Brexit benefits

7:04 Brexit and Europe

10:05 Portfolio positioning

11:29 Brexit risk perspective

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