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Dividend Update - November 2018

Dec. 07, 2018 1:59 AM ETT, PEAK, NNN, GIS, HRL, O, LTC, ABBV26 Comments
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Dividend Daze

November was a busy month. Lots of family events to go to. It has been nice to relax and unwind a bit before everything gets hectic in December. Free capital has been tight, so I have been unable to purchase any new shares. Lots of expenses coming up at year end or the beginning of next year that I need to save up for. However, even if no new purchases are made, my portfolio was working for me by collecting and reinvesting dividends.

Let's see how many dividends were generated in November.


T - $52.87

HCP - $20.26

NNN - $15.39

GIS - $12.99

HRL - $5.80

O - $6.73

LTC - $3.45

ABBV - $30.08

November dividends add up to $147.57, which represents an 82.9% increase from last year, where I made $80.68. Below are some charts from my portfolio page to better visualize the results.

November 2018 Month Dividends

There were a lot of factors that went into this big growth number. Mainly, new capital being added. Last year, I did not own ABBV. You can see I started a position with them early in the year and have added to it a few times since then. This equates to about 37% of the growth in itself.

Second, I added to my position in T. It has not been performing the best this year. There have been many dips in share price, but that just means more opportunity to buy and lower cost basis. There was a lot of uncertainty earlier this year that was surrounding the acquisition of TWX, I took the opportunity on the dips to purchase more. Most of my smaller purchases throughout the year I did not note. You can see my positions in T and O have doubled since last year, adding about 40% to my dividend growth.

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Dividend growth investing and the pursuit to achieve financial freedom through the power of passive income. Buy and hold quality companies for the long term.

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Comments (26)

Stock Gambler profile picture
You are off to a great start. The key is to stay the course regardless of market action. Back in 2003 my wife & I accounts were generating around $2k as I chased growth home runs. Then started switching to dividend income priority and total has GROWN every year (even 2008-2009). Fifteen years later, with increases every year, will top $65k this year (with add of wife's 401k when she retired) and is already up 4.2% for 2019 (barring any cuts) due to dividend increases throughout this year. I share these figures strictly as incentive to show what can be done if you stay the course. Happy Div Investing!
Dividend Daze profile picture
That is very impressive. Helps that in the 08-09 crash most quality companies didn't cut their dividend but continued to grow it even though the hard times. Having a price so low and staying the course to DRIP dividends through it all probably helped grow your positions a lot in that time period. Glad it worked out for you. Still have a long way to go, but getting there!
Daze, how much your total paid amount?
Dividend Daze profile picture
What do you mean exactly? Are you referring to total dividends received YTD? Just shy of $1100.
DD, how much did spend to buy stocks in your portfolio to produce $1,100 YTD in dividends?
Dividend Daze profile picture
Portfolio value is around 30k. Yield about 3.5 which makes that amount in dividends. Might be a little bit more now but I won't realize those results until next year.
Zsolt Rozgonyi profile picture
Honestly, first I was smiling at this article (also on the comments), but then I've checked my dividend record:
2016: 24$
2018 full year will end up: 1787$ (and would be 2516$ if I had the same stock from the begining ofthe year)
This is exactly how it works. You start with less than 100$ and in years, you end up thousands. Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded.
Dividend Daze profile picture
Sounds like you were fortunate enough to be able to add a lot of capital over the past few years to your portfolio. Those are some serious growth numbers from year to year. I agree, $100 seems like a lot in the beginning but as time passes you can look back and smile at how far you have come.
Zsolt Rozgonyi profile picture
Yes Daze i moved abroad for a while.
ejc1 profile picture
07 Dec. 2018
1997, my father passed away.
His trust was set up to support my mother (now 92)
The trust started with the Max Fed Estate Exclusion at the time - $600K (now $5.6milion)
The trust has survived 1999, 2001, 2008-9 and is now at $1.25million

I just wrote my mother her MONTHLY check for $3300.
Compound interest and growth does work!
Dividend Daze profile picture
Thanks for sharing that story. Amazing seeing compounding work in real life situations. Glad the trust was set up for your mom.
Dave_KC profile picture
Sounds great. I'm just under $10 which is just under $10 more than last year.
Dividend Daze profile picture
Have to start somewhere. Keep building it up and letting it compound.
Dave_KC profile picture
That's the plan. I'm reinvesting all dividends and adding more as I'm able. it's fun to see the growth.
RickRaff69 profile picture
Keep investing! Just think of what the payments will be in 10-20 years...
Dividend Daze profile picture
That is the plan. It is hard to picture what that will look like but I am excited to find out.
Gould Capital profile picture
Well, if you have an idea what your dividend growth rate is you can figure about where you'll be. For example, using the rule of 72, if you're growing at 10% you'll double about every 7.2 years. It's not exact, but it'll give you a good idea roughly where you'll be.
ejc1 profile picture
07 Dec. 2018
Congrats on the $1000 mark!
Next stop $10,000
You're on your way to joining those of us retired on Dividends
Dividend Daze profile picture
Thank you! That is awesome that you have already achieved that goal. Can't wait to join that club.
littlecubbie2019 profile picture
My November was just short of 400. December will clock in over 400 for the first time ever. November was my highest month ever but December will pass that
Dividend Daze profile picture
Congrats on getting a record high month. December is always the most exciting for dividends. Good luck finishing out the year strong.
Congrats on the dividends. Since I started investing this year, you are way ahead of me. This November my dividends were $20. But as always "slow and steady wins the race".
I am in the same boat but you gotta start somewhere!
ejc1 profile picture
07 Dec. 2018

If you don't start, it will never happen.
Dividend Daze profile picture
Takes time but you will get there. I still have a long way to go myself.
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