China/U.S. Trade: Finding A Signal Amidst The Noise

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  • China/US trade issues remain the most important issue for stocks and economic growth.
  • Initial reactions emphasize imperfections, not actual prospects.
  • It is a case of Trading, Fast or Slow.
  • Investors should avoid getting caught up in the false narrative of artificially exaggerated market moves.
  • Expect these issues to continue for (at least) 90 days!

The celebration of the Trump/Xi dinner in Buenos Aires lasted about three hours. What went wrong? This reaction was not a complete surprise, but the size and rapidity were attention-grabbing.

The market reaction fits the description I suggested in May: Trading, Fast and Slow. A small piece of news leads to a cascade of trading - algorithms trained to watch for key words, humans making a short-term directional play, technicians noting the “violation of key support or resistance,” and the subsequent media explanations. This confers an undue legitimacy on noise - tidbits of news without any context.

Here is how it plays out on the China/US trade story. In each case, let’s try to separate trading “fast” reactions from trading “slow.”


Fast - Traders

Slow - Investors

G20 Meeting

Not specific enough.

Reasonable outline with some initial agreement.

90-day Deadline

Too many issues to resolve in 90 days. No firm schedule.

A deadline is needed to prod negotiators. Extensions are possible, even likely, and that is fine.

Posturing, tweets and comments

Demonstrates a lack of trust and commitment.

Business as usual - will continue for 90 days.

Arrest of Wanzhou

Tactical effort by the U.S. to gain leverage. Timing (same day as the dinner) undermines confidence.

A separate policy path related to Iran. Preceded dinner plans, so the trade impact might not have been considered. The timing was a coincidence of travel schedules.

Differing communications from US and China

Shows lack of real agreement and the poor prospects for an eventual deal.

Shows why a dinner meeting is not a way to draft policy. A joint communique requires advance work by staff.

Prospects for avoiding an all-out trade war


An encouraging first step.


This is a typical example of the trading community’s failure

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