Dick's Sporting Goods Has Used 2018 As An Opportunity To Adapt

About: Dick's Sporting Goods, Inc. (DKS)
by: Raul Shah
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Raul Shah
Deep Value, Long, long term horizon

Dick's stated that 2018 was going to have significant headwinds and thus, was a prime opportunity to use as a rebuilding year.

YTD, Dick's has accurately forecasted 2018 and has delivered in their promise to make significant investments to all areas of the business.

2019 and 2020 will be the test of whether or not the initiatives management has implemented will pay off.

One year ago, I wrote an article titled, “Dick’s Sporting Goods Will Use 2018 As An Opportunity to Adapt” and that is exactly what they have done. For Q3 2018, Dick’s (DKS