Smartsheet: Not An Attractive Investment Amid Turbulent Markets

About: Smartsheet Inc. (SMAR), Includes: DOCU, FB, HPQ, VMW
by: Gary Alexander
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Gary Alexander
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Smartsheet's growth continued at a furious pace in Q3, with revenues jumping 59% y/y and smashing Wall Street's estimates.

The company enjoyed both strong additions of new customers as well as a record-breaking net retention rate within the installed base.

However, losses continued to widen as Smartsheet continued to pile on sales and marketing expenses.

Smartsheet's "growth at all costs" approach may not jive well with the markets amid cautious investor sentiment on growth stocks.

Though the beginning of this year had a swift frenzy of new IPOs that all shot up immediately after going public, investor sentiment against new issuances, particularly high-growth, high-losses stocks, has sharply dropped off. Collaboration