More Field Research Suggests That Generation Next Is In Franchisee Crisis Mode - 30 Cent Price Target

About: Generation Next Franchise Brands, Inc. (VEND)
by: White Diamond Research
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White Diamond Research
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After being successfully sued by customers in 2016, we don’t believe Generation Next management should be trusted.

Our investigator did follow-up field research on the frozen yogurt vending machine (Froyo) at the Auburn Hills mall, and it was worse than even we expected.

Generation Next has reported several unforeseen technical problems with the Froyo. Some of these were seen in the Froyo in Auburn Hills.

With rising contract liabilities and increasing shareholders deficit, Generation Next could be in a liquidity crunch.

With frustrated franchisees experiencing low sales and technical problems, we expect some are demanding a refund on their purchases.

This is a follow-up bearish report on Generation Next (OTCQB:VEND). Our last report was based on the findings of our hired investigators checking on Generation Next's recently installed frozen yogurt vending machines, also