First Solar: Opportunity Like Tesla | Valued Like Coal (Pt 5: Key Players)

About: First Solar, Inc. (FSLR), Includes: JKS, NUSMF, SPWR, TOT, TSLA, YGE
by: Vincent Ventures
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The fifth of this series on solar, we will examine the key political players behind what could quite possibly be a coming industrial revolution.

This series will culminate with First Solar, one of the most strategically important companies in America, as the industry is now near exclusively dominated by Chinese competitors.

American economic theorist Jeremy Rifkin has been influential in the early adoption of solar by many countries, based on his theory of a third industrial revolution.

Plans to mine the ocean floor are being made in secret at the International Seabed Authority. This would increase the supply of cobalt needed for batteries dramatically. China has become the leader in this effort.

The NREL has been critical to the success of First Solar and provides a possible avenue for government funded research to flow into First Solar as it competes with Chinese competitors that are directly subsidized by their government.

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At the forefront of it all is Jeremy Rifkin. His book, The 3rd Industrial Revolution,has influenced world leaders and shaped economic policies