Building A Bulletproof Portfolio Around Merck

About: Merck & Co., Inc. (MRK), Includes: AMZN, CROX, FDRXX, HELE, MKC, PACB, SAVE, T, TWLO
by: David Pinsen
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In August, I mentioned how a bulletproof, or hedged, portfolio built around an AT&T position last year generated strong performance while strictly limiting risk.

Here, I use the same hedged portfolio method to build a hedged portfolio around a position in Merck.

I show how you can construct one of these portfolios yourself, and I explain how this one differs from the ones I present to subscribers.

Photo credit: Merck's Twitter page.

Merck And The Hedged Portfolio Method

Over the summer, I wrote about the performance of a bulletproof, or hedged, portfolio built around a position in AT&T (T)