Isodiol: The Investment That Went Horribly Wrong

About: Isodiol International Inc. (ISOLF), Includes: LHSIF, SOLCF
by: Cornerstone Investments
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Cornerstone Investments
Long/short equity, long-term horizon, cannabis industry

Isodiol is a company mainly engaged in selling bulk CBD through the wholesale market in the U.S. and U.K.

Liberty and others invested in Isodiol in April, but the investment has lost 66% due to a 1-to-10 reverse split and declining core business.

We think Isodiol's downfall was a direct result of its management that clearly places insiders above shareholders in its decision-making.

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Situation Overview

Isodiol International (OTCQB:ISOLF) was touted by many as one of the most