Breaking Down The Maverix Deal With Northern Vertex CEO Kenneth Berry

About: Northern Vertex Mining Corp. (NHVCF), Includes: MMX
by: Robert Kientz
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I discuss the recent streaming deal with Northern Vertex CEO Ken Berry.

We also go over the $8 million private placement.

During the interview, we cover extensively the accomplishments for 2018 as well as the options the company has to expand production and acquire new assets.

I analyze the optionality for both companies, Maverix and Northern Vertex.

I discuss why this deal, along with the Sprott relationship, says a lot about confidence in Northern Vertex to deliver the goods on their project.

Author's note: I have covered Northern Vertex (NHVCF) previously in 2018 in these articles here, here, and here.

The purpose of this article is to update you on the recent