Coca-Cola: A Look At Analysts' Corner Share Price Rating

About: The Coca-Cola Company (KO)
by: Robert Honeywill
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Coca-Cola share price has grown over the last six years, but its growth has significantly lagged the S&P 500.

No matter how good a company, the share price can be too high. Conversely, even for a less attractive company, a low share price can offer superior risk adjusted returns.

The only way an investor can realize a return from an investment in shares is through receipt of dividends and gains on sales. I repeat — the only way.

Despite analysts’ projection for earnings growth over the next two years, current Coca-Cola share price offers little in the way of potential share price gains.

Analysts’ Corner rating system has current Coca-Cola share price in Neutral- (N-) territory, due sensitivity to interest rate increases and multiple shrinkage. Coca-Cola fundamentals are rated Neutral (N).

Coca-Cola Limited – Buying Opportunity Or Value Trap?

For fiscal year 2018, Coca-Cola (KO) non-GAAP EPS is estimated at $2.02, virtually unchanged from $2.01 for FY 2012. KO share price at close on