Record Earnings, 9%-11% Yields, 6X Coverage, Insider Buying, Analyst Upgrades: DCP Midstream

About: DCP Midstream, LP 7.875 CUM RED B (DCP.PB), DCP.PC, DCP, Includes: ENB, EPD, NGL, PSX
by: Double Dividend Stocks
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DCP had record Q3 2018 earnings: Revenue rose 34%, EBITDA and DCF grew more than 11%.

It has received multiple analyst upgrades in the past two months, but is still 17% below analysts' lowest price target.

Insiders bought more units last week.

Common yields over 11%, Preferreds yield 9%, with rising rate protection, all with strong coverage.

We offer you five different high-yield investing ideas in this article.

Looking for multiple investing ideas? This article will discuss five ways to profit from DCP Midstream (DCP), a well-capitalized, diversified midstream firm with very attractive common and preferred high yield vehicles.