Wrap Technologies Introduces A Policing Tool That Will Rival The Taser

About: Wrap Technologies, Inc. (WRTC), Includes: AAXN, BCO, DGLY, KTOS, OLN, RGR, SWBI
by: Croatoan Capital
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Axon Enterprise, Inc. pioneered the "Less than Lethal" police weapon market with their Taser conducted electrical weapon. But the Taser has drawbacks, and police departments need an alternative.

Wrap Technologies (WRTC) has introduced a patented weapon that will deliver on the original promise of the Taser: A non-lethal restraint device that will truly help police de-escalate conflicts.

In only 6 months, WRTC has demonstrated its BolaWrap for over 100 U.S. police departments; 40+ of those are now in active testing. 500+ agencies worldwide await requested demos.

WRTC has assembled team of experts including numerous ex-police chiefs and former police officers to take this technology to the market.

Increasing attention paid to police use-of-force issues, massive lawsuit settlement costs, and the desire for departments to de-escalate contacts with the public should lead to rapid sales.

The police have a difficult job. While their official role in society is law enforcement, police are also on the front lines of dealing with mental health crises. The mental health support infrastructure in the