Stereotaxis: A Leader In Robotic Heart Surgery Is Ripe To Be Acquired

About: Stereotaxis, Inc. (STXS), Includes: ISRG, JNJ, MDT, SNN, SYK, TRXC, ZBH
by: Croatoan Capital
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Croatoan Capital
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New STXS management is experienced and has major skin in the game, with insiders owning 67% of the outstanding shares.

STXS is finally unburdened by debt and has enough cash to reach consistent profitability.

STXS has a large installed base of machines in hospitals worldwide that is generating about $7 million per quarter in recurring revenue at an 80% margin.

STXS is a no-brainer bolt-on acquisition for many robotic surgery companies,with its superior and patented robotic technology, and a high-margin razor/razor-blade business.

A Highly Undervalued Company In A Hot Market For Acquisitions Creates A Rare Opportunity

Stereotaxis (STXS) has developed an innovative magnetic robotic surgery system for repairing heart arrhythmias and other heart conditions. Extensive