Dividend Champions For February 2019

by: Justin Law

Monthly update of the Dividend Champions List.

84 companies declared higher dividends in the past month, with an average increase of 8.07% over their previous payouts.

1 new Champion, 3 new Contenders, and 3 new Challengers.

About the Dividend Champions List

The Dividend Champions list is a monthly publication tracking companies with a history of consistently increasing their dividends. Wider in scope than the well-known S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats and Nasdaq Dividend Achievers, the Dividend Champions list covers all companies listed on exchanges in the United States. In order to be included in the list, the annual split-adjusted dividend payout of a company (based on calendar year) must be consistently increasing. The Dividend Champions list is separated into three categories based on how long companies have maintained the streak of annually increasing dividends: Champions (25 or more years), Contenders (10 to 24 years), and Challengers (5 to 9 years). The Dividend Champions list was created by David Fish in 2007 and is currently maintained by Justin Law. The Dividend Champions list may be obtained for free for personal, non-commercial use from the DRIP Investing Resource Center. Data in the Dividend Champions list is provided "as is" with no guarantees of accuracy, completeness, or timeliness.

Dividends Keep Coming, Even in the Winter

84 companies declared higher dividends in the past month, with an average increase of 8.07% over their previous payouts. The latest version of the CCC List is available at the DRIP Investing website and is also attached below:


The CCC universe has dropped to 861 companies. The average dividend streak has increased to 14.2 years. The average yield has decreased to 2.86% from 3.09% the previous month.

Additions to Challengers: Alamo Group, Inc. (ALG), CDK Global, Inc. (CDK)* and Riverview Bancorp, Inc. (RVSB)

*CDK Global did not increase its dividend in 2018 and was added by default due to its full-year dividend payments being higher than in 2017.


Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. (EBTC) has been promoted to Champion.

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. (AIT), Comerica, Inc. (CMA), and Northwest Bancshares, Inc. (NWBI) have been promoted to Contender.


BT Group Plc (BT) and Chase Corp. (CCF) have been removed due to frozen dividends.

Guaranty Bancorp (GBNK) has been acquired by Independent Bank Group (IBTX).

Shire Plc (SHPG) has been acquired by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. (TAK).

Valero Energy Partners LP (VLP) has been acquired by Valero Energy Corp. (VLO).

Dun & Bradstreet Corp (NYSE:DNB) is going private.


Full-year 2018 dividend information has been added to the Historical tab. Formulas which rely on this data (Dividend Growth Rates and Dividend Growth Model) have been updated.

A reader suggested the addition of sector averages - these have been added to the bottom of the sheet. Note: These averages are based on only the companies on the CCC list and may not be representative of the entire sector.

Chart of the Month

(Okay, this is more of a table than a chart).

Dividend Champions 2018 Summary

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