Lipocine: A Micro-Cap Stock That Can Compete In The NASH/NAFLD Race

About: Lipocine Inc. (LPCN)
by: Bridger Research
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Bridger Research
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The company reported top line interim 8-week Phase I clinical results of LPCN 1144 showing liver fat reductions compared to placebo.

Testosterone treatment can be a game changer in making the first cure on the market for NAFLD.

LPCN 1144's market opportunity is not fully priced in the current stock price.

Phase I LPCN 1144 Clinical Study

Lipocine (LPCN) reported the 8-week top line interim result from Liver Fat Study using magnetic resonance imaging, proton density fat fraction (“MRI-PDFF”) technique on January 17, 2019.