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EV Company News For The Month Of January 2019


  • Global electric car sales - December market share shocks to the high side, China hits 8%. 2018 sales pass 2 million, and 2.1% market share, up 72% YoY.
  • EV market news - BNEF reported "end of 2018 battery pack prices reached a record low at $176 per kWh."
  • EV company news - Tesla wins the 2018 sales race, with Tesla Model 3 by far the number 1 selling electric car.
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Welcome to the January 2019 edition of Electric Vehicle [EV] company news. January saw the release of the 2018 year total sales figures which I discuss below. Needless to say records were smashed in 2018 in a year that saw electric cars become widely accepted and increasingly popular, especially in China, USA, and Europe.

Most notably Tesla had a brilliant year with Tesla Model 3 by far the number 1 selling global electric car, Model S at number 4, and Model X at number 5. Tesla also was the global number 1 manufacturer, followed closely by BYD, and BAIC. BMW, Nissan and SAIC (Roewe) followed.

Global electric car sales as of end December 2018

Global electric car sales finished December 2018 with 286,000 sales for the month, up 70% on December 2017, and the fourth record sales month in a row. Quite impressive! Year to date sales are up 72% on last year, with full 2018 year sales over 2 the million and market share at 2.1%.

A January 31, 2019 quote from Jose Pontes from EVsales.com:

(Jose's 2019 electric car sales forecast is) 3.5 million, and almost 4% share. And 7% in 2020? 12% in 2021? This would set the Big ICE Vehicle Crash two years from now.

My past forecasts for electric car market share are shown below:

2018 2019 2020 2021
2.2% (my ~1 year ago forecast) 3.5% 5% 7%

Of note, 69% of all global electric car sales in 2018 were 100% battery electric vehicles [BEVs].

China electric car sales were over 180,000 in December 2018, up 70% on December 2017 and yet another new record. Electric car market share in China for December 2018 was an amazing record breaking 8%, and ended 2018 at a record 4%.

Current subsidies in

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Comments (38)

Save the Planet LOL Life on earth would not be possible without CO2. Plants require CO2 to survive and grow . Our farmland is more productive when CO2 levels are very slightly elevated. Lets be realistic......electricity generation still often involves the production of CO2. All of the electric cars in the world really will not change global CO2 levels.
Nuno.Figueiroa profile picture
You are absolutely right when you say, that plants need CO2, but the problem is that by increasing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere, you will interfere with other variables, such as:
Amount of precipitation and chemical of water.
Temperature increase.
What apparently seems to be beneficial to plants, is not actually good for any plant, not even for man.
I believe the first part of your reply, "You are absolutely right when you say that plants need CO2". As an electric car advocate that fact would bother you.
I am so tired of the EV HYPE....EV cars do pollute. And they are expensive. And they do require money to maintain......and they do cost money to refuel........Since when is electricity free? I cannot afford to operate my Air Conditioner during the summer!!!!
Who would really buy a SOLO Car? Seats one person....limited range....expensive. It would make more sense to buy an ICE car that looks like the SOLO Single Seater.....and gets 60 miles or more per gallon.....costs 7500 dollars and has UNLIMITED RANGE.,.......OH I FORGOT.....IT IS COOL to be an EV OWNER AND DRIVER....FORGET ECONOMICS. LOL YOU know single seater is a problem really......just reflects how self centered society has become.
NealTB profile picture
Matt, I have to thank you. Was looking at SOLO yesterday morning and wasn't sure to buy it or not but reading your article got me to pull the trigger...wow! Thanks!!!
NealTB profile picture
Matt, How well is SOLO's position in this market? Is their product viable among the competition? Last, what company do you tend to like of the group? Thanks in advance.
The range is still way to low for the ev cars.
This needs to be improved.
tabrussell profile picture
"I have thought for sometime this was the obvious way to go, as why build (and pay for) two power systems when one can do. Clearly Elon Musk also thought this many years ago."

It's been pretty obvious all along that hybrids were envisioned as an interim solution to going to BEVs eventually. The big question was timeline. Those decades of running two power systems are what made today's BEVs even remotely viable.
Trend Investing profile picture
kritische geest 1 - Thank you. Yes I followed KANDI a few years back but EVSales.com rarely places them in the top 20 so they have slipped off the radar a bit, apart from Geely related news. Not having followed them closely recently I cannot really comment.
Good article Matt!
You never mention KNDI in your articles. Is there a reason for it? The company had a license to sell in the US. They have a partnership with Geely. The salesnumers are not bad! What are your insights for this company?
vooch profile picture
Will be most interesting once Elon files for BK. "Death Watch"
B-A-B profile picture
One-sided article. ± 70% of EV global stock and sales are US and China.
In China EV production is sponsored by government (USD 8 bln a year).
In US - sponsored by Tesla shareholders (as long as interest rates are low).
Delete from the equation those two factors and you will get totally different picture.
Trend Investing profile picture
Boris - Nobody denies subsidies are helping. But by 2021/2022 subsidies will no longer be needed.
Trend Investing profile picture
Djreef1966 - Thank you. Also thanks I have asked for an edit to correct the Model S to Model 3.
Djreef1966 profile picture
Awesome article. Need to fix, tho. Model S mentioned twice.

Most notably Tesla had a brilliant year with Tesla Model S by far the number 1 selling global electric car, Model S at number 4, and Model X at number 5. Tesla also was the global number 1 manufacturer, followed closely by BYD, and BAIC. BMW, Nissan and SAIC (Roewe) followed.
I've ordered rooftop solar for my Florida home to cover 120% of my current electrical usage. My plan is to replace my hybrid with an EV in two to four years. The number of new EVs is amazing. It will be very convenient to fuel my car free of charge in my own garage.
Djreef1966 profile picture
I do not understand how you can claim to be charging your EV for free. How much did the Solar installation cost? I do not understand how you can claim that charging is convenient. I would not think that waiting hours to "fill the tank" is convenient. I post these comments because I often read disconnection from reality when I read articles about EV's.
Electric vehicles currently are for the "one percent", given the prices they command when new, and given that the supply of used electrical vehicles must still be small. People like me, in retirement, tend to buy used cars for a fraction of a new vehicle cost. And currently, such vehicles are hydrocarbon fuel based. As for the electric vehicles themselves, I would have thought that a system of EXCHANGEABLE rechargeable batteries would be far more viable than one of rechargeable batteries only. That way, the prolonged time needed to recharge batteries would not be inconveniencing the driver, if batteries could be exchanged at the charging station in the same amount of time needed to refill a tank with gas.
Don't you think that 90% of the time you would be charging an EV overnight in your own garage? I rarely drive more than 250 miles per day and most of the time, I sleep at home. In a few more years, hotels will have charging stations for guests.
Trend Investing profile picture
jbp3 - I do agree EVs are still a bit expensive. But with battery prices dropping fast e-cars will be very affordable from about 2021/2022...For some second hand EVs perhaps by then also. Of course on a total cost of running a new e-car with a subsidy is sometimes cheaper than an ICE over a 10 year period now...depends mostly on kms driven etc.
But I do totally agree that EVs main challenge now is still pricing, but I expect that to change dramatically over the next 3 years as battery prices fall from about US$176kWh to about US$104kWh by end 2021 (helped by a massive surge in giga factory output). That will mean by 2022 a 50-60kwh electric car should cost about the same as a comparable ICE. Volkswagen is talking about bringing out a $21K e-car if I recall correctly.
Davewmart profile picture
@Matt Bohlsen @Acculader

' I expect that to change dramatically over the next 3 years as battery prices fall from about US$176kWh to about US$104kWh by end 2021 (helped by a massive surge in giga factory output). That will mean by 2022 a 50-60kwh electric car should cost about the same as a comparable ICE. Volkswagen is talking about bringing out a $21K e-car if I recall correctly.'

Just for the record I completely disagree that battery prices will fall this fast.

I think they are sticky and as they approach the price of the materials in them the gains are ever harder to come by.

Regarding VW:

'By 2025, the Group brands plan to increase the number of their all-electric cars from six today to more than 50. Jost, who is also the head of Group Product Strategy, emphasizes that electric vehicles are by no means synonymous with sacrifice: “We build cool electric cars that are fun to drive, beautifully designed and fully networked.” He notes that starting in 2023, or at the latest in 2024, Volkswagen will launch an electric model, which will be the size of a T-Roc, for less than €20,000.”'

They do not say whether this vehicle will be a BEV, a PHEV, or what.

Perhaps the prudent given VW's track record will be suitably wary about the precise phrasing, and not make overly favourable assumptions.

So a couple of years later, ie the notorious 'in 5 years.....blah blah' and with what kind of drive they are talking about vague.

They seem to assume in many of their announcements that radical alterations to battery chemistry enabling swift charging and cheap output will come off.

Maybe they will, maybe they won't.

But betting the farm on breakthroughs happening to order is chancy.
Great updates Matt. Really appreciated. I firmly believe in the EV revolution. What do you think is the best way to play this revolution via ETFs? Reason I ask is I find it too risky buying a Tesla or a company based out of China for example. Is the best way to buy the trend buying say LIT(lithium producers)? Or maybe battery technology will change to not have lithium. Or is it buying the utilities(greater electricity demand). I find buying the auto manufacturers risky as they tend to by cyclical and most of them have a huge non electric component or are debt laden and risky(Tesla etc). So I am confused. I really believe in the trend. But what can one buy to play long term in the revolution. You are the expert, so thought I’ll ask.
Trend Investing profile picture
I discuss this more personally in Trend Investing if you want to join. The main ETF for lithium is LIT and it is not bad. Cobalt 27 offers broader cobalt exposure but not an ETF as such as holds a lot of cobalt metal. Other than that not really any good ETFs for EV metals.
Amplify Advanced Battery Metals and Materials ETF (BATT) is also a good new EV ETF to consider. Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles (DRIV) and Kraneshares Electric Vehicles & Future Mobility Index ETF (KARS) are others but they are less focused on the EV metals, and have some ICE companies in there. I may write an article on the EV ETFs soon as they can suit many investors.

mswyman profile picture
@Prat123 I don't recommend LIT, as we are in an era of Lithium overproduction. Lots of investment in opening new lithium mines, and no lithium crunch on the horizon. Positive news: the glut in lithium is helping to drive down the price of batteries, which makes BEV's cheaper, and more attractive to the consumer. Good luck with your investing.
Bill in Shanghai profile picture
Interesting article, was surprised to see how well BMW was doing, Dec sales of 15k, annualised that’s 180k, that will be trouble for TSLA
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