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Technically Speaking: Too Fast, Too Furious


  • The recent rally has primarily been a function of short-covering and repositioning in the markets rather than an "all-out" buying spree based on a "conviction" the "bull market" remains intact.
  • It is too early to suggest the "bear market of 2018" is officially over.
  • But, the rally has simply been "Too Fast, Too Furious," completely discounting the deteriorating fundamental underpinnings.

On December 25th, I penned "My Christmas Wish" wherein I stated that is was "now or never" for the bulls to make a stand.

"If we take a look back at the markets over the last 20-years, we find that our weekly composite technical gauge has only reached this level of an oversold condition only a few times during the time frame studied. Such oversold conditions have always resulted in at least a corrective bounce even within the context of a larger mean-reverting process."

"What this oversold condition implies is that 'selling' may have temporarily exhausted itself. Like a raging fire, at some point the 'fuel' is consumed and it burns itself out. In the market, it is much the same.

You have always heard that 'for every buyer, there is a seller.'

While this is a true statement, it is incomplete.

The real issue is that while there is indeed a 'buyer for every seller,' the question is 'at what price?'

In bull markets, prices rise until 'buyers' are unwilling to pay a higher price for assets. Likewise, in a bear market, prices will decline until 'sellers' are no longer willing to sell at a lower price. It is always a question of price, otherwise, the market would be a flat line."

We now know where the buyers were willing to start buying again.

Let's take a look at that same technical indicator just one month later.

Now, let me remind you this is a WEEKLY indicator and is therefore typically very slow moving. The magnitude of the advance from the December 24th lows has been breathtaking.

Short-term technical indicators also show the violent reversion from extreme oversold conditions back to extreme overbought.

The McClellan Oscillator also swung from record low readings to record high readings in the

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