If Frontier Can Dodge Its Debt Risk, Its Equity Could Have 25x Upside By 2021

About: Frontier Communications Corporation (FTR)
by: The GeoTeam
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FTR is down about 97% in the last 5 years as the company's massive $17B debt load and out of date infrastructure have turned off potential equity investors.

We examine the company's debt maturity schedule and free cash flow estimates to arrive at the conclusion that it may not be the bankruptcy story the equity is pricing in.

If the company can dodge its bankruptcy risk, which we believe is possible, the equity could stand to have massive upside by 2021.

We explain our reasoning.

Introduction: A 97% Ride Lower in Three Years

There may not be a more hated stock than Frontier Communications (FTR).

The idea was brought to us by friend and contributor Adam Spittler, and