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  • The national buyers continue to believe that Ynon Kreiz is the one executive who can turn Mattel (MAT) around.
  • All company metrics suggest that he has already had a major influence in the way the company is doing its business.
  • His background suggests that he can unlock Mattel’s major asset – its IPs – in a way none of his predecessors has been able to do.
  • Headwinds continue for Fisher-Price, American Girl and Mega and all three will require a thorough revamping of the innovation process.
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In August 2017 I wrote an article at Seeking Alpha assessing Margo Georgiadis’ performance as Mattel’s (NASDAQ:MAT) CEO after her first six months in that position. It was not altogether flattering.

I made two key observations in regard to her performance – one was that there was evidence that the retailers were induced to take more inventory than required by using the carrot of longer credit terms and this, in turn, artificially improved the company’s top line numbers. The second was that the cost of excessive bureaucracy was continuing to accelerate. Both could only happen because Ms. Georgiadis either tolerated it or in fact actively encouraged it.

She stepped down from her position as CEO of Mattel on April 26, 2018, and was replaced with Mr. Ynon Kreiz.

The national buyers at the major retailers were and are very positive about his appointment and believe that Mattel has, for the first time in seven years, a CEO who has the skills and the personal attributes required to turn the company around.

It is hence interesting to see how four key company metrics evolved during his stewardship since his appointment.

First, shipments. These have continued to decline but then so have those of Mattel’s arch rival, Hasbro (HAS):

Source: SEC filings

Both companies blame Toys“R”Us' demise for this. This is partly correct in that Toys“R”Us had traditionally been much more generous in its inventory policies than for instance Walmart (WMT) or Target (TGT) which meant that these additional shipments evaporated when TRU hit the dust. However, the major reason why both Mattel and Hasbro lost sales during 2018 was that they had to work down the excessive retail inventories they had built up over the past two years to meet unrealistic sales expectations. The good news is that both companies have

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