'Keys To Success' Rollins' Domination Of Pest Control Since 1901

Feb. 14, 2019 1:12 PM ETRollins, Inc. (ROL)7 Comments
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  • Rollins is the leading pest control and service company.
  • Long-term success has been attributed to outstanding financial success driven from superb operational execution.
  • Rollins' strong OCF and FCF generation have been a boon for their growth allowing to self-finance operations and execute accretive acquisitions without debt.
  • Look for Rollins to continue creating shareholder value through margin expansion through operational synergies from M&A and cost management.
  • Rollins is "Best in Breed" due to their operational prowess financial savviness.


The test of time is among the most powerful assessments a company can face. Few are truly able to survive and tell their tale. The few that do survive, all share attributes that have imparted such firms near invincibility in a spectrum of economic and industry-wide environments. Such attributes include:

  • provides critical repair and maintenance services, or sells essentials
  • serves a customer base that is insulated from an economic meltdown
  • provides products or services that are mandated by government regulation or compliance rules
  • provides proprietary, niche or highly defensible products or services.

The pest control and extermination industry is by no means the most "flashy" industry, however, it's great one nonetheless. The pest control services industry is expected to be a $28.85B industry by 2027, according to a new report by Future Market Insights. The report cites that robust CAGR of 5.1% will be driven by "growing urbanization and increasing consumer awareness about health and hygiene are factors expected to increase uptake of pest control services over the forecast period." Lastly, the report claims that "Conducive weather conditions for propagation of pests is leading to further increase in pest population across the globe." In all honesty, I do not think we needed a market research report to tells us all that. Rather it is safe to assume that we have already seen these market trends unfold before our very eyes.

Moreover, the industry does not seem to be overly affected by adverse macroeconomic scenarios given that the services being offered are vital no matter how the economy is performing. Such services are crucial to public health and well-being. I know that bed bugs, rats, termites, ants, and other pests will not disappear and will continue to evolve as will their methods to eliminate them.


Incorporated in 1948

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