Sonos: Trade Sale Possibilities, Otherwise A Short

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  • As predicted in my article, “Sonos: Long The Products - Short The Shares”, published ahead of the Sonos Q1-2019 earnings release, results for revenue and EPS surprised to the upside.
  • Also, as predicted, the results confirmed Sonos is suffering from a continuing decline in gross margins that is proving intractable. Cutting sales and marketing expense is not a solution.
  • Based on share volume since the end of Sonos’ 180 day IPO lock-up on January 28, many of Sonos’ pre-IPO investors, not subject Rule 144 restrictions, will have now exited.
  • That leaves an overhang of ~51 million shares held by 5% investors, over half the float, free to sell following the earnings release, and undoubtedly looking for an early exit.
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Sonos’ Short Thesis

The two factors discussed in my article, “Sonos: Long The Products – Short The Shares”, are still in play, following the events of the past week, culminating in the company’s first quarter earnings release, after market close on Wednesday February 6. A third factor, involving a caveat, also needs to be taken into consideration.

  • Factor 1 - the need, for private and institutional venture capitalists, to exit their investments in Sonos at the best possible price.
  • Factor 2 - the fundamentals of Sonos’ business do not support the current share price level, now or in the future.
  • Factor 3 - In my previous article, I noted the possibility of a secondary offering to facilitate exit of the 5% shareholders, holding ~51 million shares. An alternative possibility is a trade sale. I do think that poses some difficulties. But, a trade sale would destroy the short thesis.

Sonos Short Thesis Factor 1 – Sell High, Cover Low, Expect Share Price Support To Wane

The elevated share price over the past fortnight, has undoubtedly enabled many of the Sonos early stage, pre-IPO investors to achieve an exit. The share price achieved by these investors would be in the ~$11 to $13+ range. This would likely be disappointing for these investors, as the IPO price was $15, and in the period immediately after IPO, share price rose above $22. TABLE 2 further below, shows details of the pre-IPO investors, holding ~31 million shares, and not subject to Rule 144 restrictions. These shareholders were free to trade their 31 million shares, from and including January 29, the first day after the end of the IPO lock-up period. Volume of shares for the 11 trading days, January 29 to February 13, was a little over 40 million per TABLE 1 below.

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