According To Sources With CNBC Contributor Ron Insana (Podcast)

Includes: GE
by: According To Sources

The podcast hosted by Michael Samuels of Broome Street Capital, According to Sources discusses merger-arb strategies and talks M&A, all with a focus on the news-sources that cover them.

A Discussion of Merger Arb and Event Driven Trading.

CNBC contributor Ron Insana talks GE.

Originally posted December 3, 2018.

Steven Tusa of JP Morgan has claimed superstar status for his call to sell General Electric in 2016 when it was $29 a share. At near $7 now, Tusa continues to press GE, saying shares are worth $6. As we've seen with Meredith Whitney and Mary Meeker, Wall Street's superstar analysts often stay TOO long in their calls, prompting a term Ron calls "Guru Overshoot." In this episode of According to Sources, host Michael Samuels and Ron Insana discuss this dynamic, the future for GE, the rise and fall of Eddie Lampert's Sears vision, and make some political predictions for 2020.

CNBC Contributor Ron Insana

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