3 Reasons Why The Palladium Market Will Get Stronger

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  • Palladium is the most flexible PGM being used in catalytic converter technology.
  • Consumers demand more palladium in jewelry due to its weight-to-hardness benefits over other metals.
  • Researchers are finding more use for palladium in biomedical applications.

Why Palladium Prices Are Exploding

If you have been watching the palladium price recently, you may have noticed an interesting trend. The price of palladium has doubled since August 2018. Palladium is now $1493 at time of this writing. Here is a 3-month price chart in Palladium from Apmex.com.

Palladium Price Chart 2019

Image Source: Apmex

If you are one of my subscribers, you already know the reasons why palladium is in a bull market. Our December podcast described the reasons why the price was about to get much higher.

So, why is palladium price increasing? Here are the main reasons.

Palladium Demand is Strong

Palladium's largest single use is in automotive catalytic converters. The metal helps clean the air. More and more regulations are being made to reduce the emission of gases from automobiles as more of them are put on the road. This increases the demand from auto manufacturers for the metal.

Palladium Demand

Image Source: World Platinum Investment Council

Further, the tremendous growth in auto production in emerging economies like China has also caused increase demand for palladium in auto production. Chinese automobile demand has increased since the 1990s. It only recently fell off for the very first time in 2018. That led to a huge amount of pent-up demand for the metal around the world.

Image Source: Bloomberg

During the recent bull automotive bull market that was occurring, palladium demand kept increasing to the point that the market began experiencing supply deficits. The following chart shows that the palladium market has been in supply deficit for a number of years.

Palladium Supply Deficit

Image Source: Citigroup

Palladium Price Backwardation

The supply deficit is so strong that it had reached an inflection point. Lease rates for near-term palladium contracts had risen above the longer-term contracts. In commodities contracts, this is known as backwardation.

When a commodity

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