According To Sources Investing In Cannabis: Interview With Sean Stiefel Of Navy Capital (Podcast)

Includes: CGC, KO, STZ
by: According To Sources

The podcast hosted by Michael Samuels of Broome Street Capital, According to Sources discusses merger-arb strategies and talks M&A, all with a focus on the news-sources that cover them.

A Discussion of Merger Arb and Event Driven Trading.

Investing in Cannabis: Interview with Sean Stiefel of Navy Capital.

Originally aired on September 23rd, 2018.

On October 17th, marijuana went fully legal in Canada. This event, combined with the Canopy Growth Corp investment made by Constellation Brands / Stories of Coca-Cola entering CBD beverages have made the cannabis space the most discussed sector in the past few weeks. What events will unfold over the upcoming months that will either continue to validate the sector OR perhaps send these sky-rocketing valuations back down to earth? Host Michael Samuels sits down with Navy Capital's Sean Stiefel to discuss. Navy was formed in 2014 as a fund specifically designed to participate in the upside from cannabis.

Investing in Cannabis: Interview with Sean Stiefel of Navy Capital

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