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Fastest Marketplace Climbers For February 2019

by: SA Marketplace

February always brings a tough tape, but Marketplace authors put in a strong performance.

We are nearing our first 2000 subscriber service, as highlighted in the article.

A mix of new names and steady growers populates this months' top 20.

by Daniel Shvartsman

February can always be a tough month. It's the shortest month, but in the Northern hemisphere it's also something of the bleakest - days are still short, snow has started to go brown from dirt and car exhaust, and any novelty of the winter season has worn off.

It's also generally been the slowest month for Marketplace - there's some churn following the December/January heights, and general dynamics are slow. Which is why it's nice to share that the platform had growth in the month and that many authors had strong Februaries.

Here's the list of our top 20 performers for the month. As always, this is ranked based on net growth in their monthly recurring revenue (MRR) figures, as measured for the 28 days prior to March 1st (conveniently, the entire month of February).


High Dividend Opportunities

Rida Morwa


High Yield Landlord

Jussi Askola


HFI Research Natural Gas

HFIR Energy


The REIT Forum

Colorado Wealth Management Fund


EPB Macro Research

Eric Basmajian


The Growth Operation

Jonathan Cooper


Industrial Insights

Michael Boyd


ZOMMA Strategy Indices

Harry Long


Value Investor's Edge

J Mintzmyer


Nail Tech Earnings

Elazar Advisors, LLC


Sustainable Dividends

BDC Buzz


The Portfolio Architect

Lawrence Fuller


Liver Therapy Forum (LTF)

First Genesis Consulting


BAD BEAT Investing

Quad 7 Capital


CEF/ETF Income Laboratory

Stanford Chemist


Institutional Income Plus

Williams Equity Research


Industrial Minefinder

Joshua Hall


Yield Hunting: Alt Inc Opps

Alpha Gen Capital


Deep Value Returns

Michael Wiggins De Oliveira


The Gold Edge


Things keep rolling for Rida Morwa, who is nearing 2000 paying subscribers (and is over that including trialing members), an impressive milestone. Jussi Askola of High Yield Landlord also had an impressive month, driven by popular investing strategy articles. Among other standout names, Michael Boyd continued a strong run for Industrial Insights, as did HFIR Energy, Eric Basmajian, Colorado Wealth Management Fund, and Alpha Gen Capital. Elazar Advisors makes an appearance for Nail Tech Earnings, fresh off a strong call on Best Buy (BBY).

Lawrence Fuller's Portfolio Architect makes its first appearance in the top 20, in its second month on the platform. Williams Equity Research and First Genesis Consulting are also newer services that did well, and Joshua Hall makes a fresh appearance.

March means spring is around the corner and trees should begin to bloom soon. Wishing our authors continued growth and our readers and subscribers continued success in finding investing strategies and guidance that suit them!

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