Ruger: 2018 Earnings Results - The Smart Kid Who Does Not Get Picked First

About: Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (RGR), Includes: AOBC, VSTO
by: Maks F. S.
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Maks F. S.
Registered investment advisor, portfolio strategy, mutual funds, closed-end funds

Ruger recently reported full year and Q4 2018 earnings results.

The company reported net income of $2.88 per share on revenues of $495.6 million.

We take a deeper dive into the earnings and the opportunities for the company ahead.

After market close on Wednesday, February 20th, Ruger (RGR) reported their Q4 2018 and full year 2018 earnings results.

As my previous Ruger article was published just a few days prior, I wanted