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Wall Street Breakfast Political Comments 3/5/19

Mar. 05, 2019 6:30 AM ET198 Comments
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Comments (198)

go fight in korea Amaz.
go fight the extremist amaz
go infiltrate the cartels amaz
and come back and tell us about it amaz
Xi is very upset he was threatened with nuclear weapons , over NK and Taiwan , it is disturbing and should not happen anymore.
We have to work with the fact NK,SK and Taiwan want there independence from mother and father and nuclear threats should have nothing to do with this situation.

and fight fake socialism and how it poison's our humanity and relationship.
i do see your point Dearest Me there are Chechen similarities we are dealing with in the states.
merry christmas.
Treasury for 100's of years has been a self effacing stable support to global interchange and i think we are all upset the undue pressures put on them by an unprofessional Congress.

How much of the States and Courts interest will be served in pursuing barely competent precious Don.
our global community does have to eat, to me that is important $WMT does a good job with that.
Iberdrola has good proven solutions to a necessary and evolving mix me.
and O&G is rough stuff.
We the people will deny fascist tilting Trump more economic "air rights"
by stopping the rise of the debt ceiling.
The US treasury will enter an "extraordinary measures" mode, according to the law.
Imposing an emergency rule is not in diversion with the US constitution.
Funds will be allocated to the most important functions of the country :
- build a wall and fund the loyal ice troops to defend our country from invasion.
- US gov starved for new sources of income, selectively will raise tariff on
other countries.
- a careful measures of entitlements delete in contrast to politicians promises and fantasies.
- stop funding congress public masturbation, treating a US president as if he is Al Capone.
- renew dialog with Putin, after leftist anarchist poisoned the relationship with
him, because he belong to them.
- consolidate and cut to the bones in order to reduce debt, while educating the American people about the threat of high debt.
More proof Trump is being played by Kim as I have posted since their first photo-op er, I mean meeting..

"North Korean hackers targeted US ‘critical infrastructure’ during Trump-Kim summit, says report

Cybersecurity firm McAfee has said a group of North Korean hackers have been actively targeting “critical infrastructure” in an operation that started 18 months ago and likely did not stop during Donald Trump’s recent summit with Kim Jong-un in Vietnam.

In the new report, McAfee said that they found numerous links between the hacking operation and Lazarus, a North Korean group connected to banking hacks. Pyongyang has denied any connection to hacking groups.

To conduct its research, McAfee said it worked with at least one unnamed government.

The attacks on western businesses and governments appeared to flare up in 2017 when the US and North Korea were experiencing a period of particularly tense relations.

At that time, Mr Trump repeatedly mocked and provoked Mr Kim, calling him “little rocket man” in an exchange that escalated while North Koreans tested their missile capabilities."

"A group of North Korean hackers is believed to be actively targeting US businesses and "critical infrastructure," a report released this week by cybersecurity firm McAfee said.

McAfee said it found that the North Korean hackers have tried to infiltrate nearly 80 business in critical sectors like finance, telecommunications, energy and defense around the world. Governments themselves were also targeted, McAfee said.
The hacking is believed to have continued during US President Donald Trump's summit with Kim Jong Un. The largest number of recent attacks primarily target Germany, Turkey and the United Kingdom as well as the United States, McAfee said.
Pyongyang is believed to operate some of the most sophisticated hacking cells in the world, though the North Korean government has long denied any wrongdoing.
McAffee said it partnered with a "government entity" in its investigation, though it declined to reveal which government it worked with."

But not to worry, Trump asked Kim if these reports were true and Kim told him "no way dude!"

Trump of course believes him or its fake news.
South Korea says North Korea is restoring dismantled launch site

South Korean intelligence officials have reportedly seen signs of new activity at North Korean nuclear sites that the country previously pledged to dismantle.

"Yonhap News Agency reported Tuesday that workers could be seen replacing a roof and installing a new door at the Tongchang-ri nuclear launch site, which North Korean officials promised last year to dismantle following an initial summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un, according to Reuters."

Satellite photos show North Korea rebuilding missile launch facility
By LUIS MARTINEZ Mar 5, 2019, 8:02 PM ET

Commercial satellite imagery released by a Washington think tank showed that North Korea has begun a rapid rebuilding of a missile launch site that has been inactive since last summer.

The development comes days after President Donald Trump's summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un that did not result in a denuclearlization agreement between the two countries.

The satellite images, taken on March 2, 2019, were acquired by the Center for Strategic and The images showed that North Korea has begun to rebuild the launch stand at the location that is the country's main site for long range satellite launches. The site has not been used for the launch of North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are fired from mobile launchers. Studies' (CSIS) Beyond Parallel and show new activity at the Sohae (Tongchang-ri) launch facility located in the northwestern part of North Korea.

However, U.S. officials have said that the civilian satellite launches are a cover for military ICBM tests since the technologies are so similar.

Activity at the site includes two construction cranes, as well as several vehicles and supplies laying on the ground next to the vertical engine test stand.

The satellite photos also showed activity at the launch pad's rail-mounted rocket transfer structure.

The covers that typically shroud the site's umbilical launch tower have now been opened to show the launch pad itself.

The renewed activity at the launch site was detected two days after the Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, that failed to reach an agreement to eliminate North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

The Sohae facility has been inactive since August 2018, when North Korea seemed to be following through with a commitment they made to President Trump at the Singapore summit that Kim would dismantle a launch facility.
CSIS analysts believe the current activity "is deliberate and purposeful" to show North Korea's resolve in the wake of the Hanoi meeting.

Though no agreement was reached in Hanoi, President Trump told reporters that Kim had committed to continue not to conduct ballistic missile or nuclear tests, as he had following the Singapore summit.
@techy46 will be here soon to say but we do it to so its OK!!!
We can all be so proud of ourselves snuffing that flame of fire and water that preserved this nation to all our benefit.
Omar, if u love this country : "show them to me"
Vlad could tell us if Don was doing his job or not.
Wasn't it Brezhnev who since Nixons domestic weakness and what was the follow up ?
idiots,i hope not
"Trump to Preside Over $100 Billion Jump in Trade Gap"
"National debt jumps $1.2 trillion in fiscal year 2018"

...and everyday, for two years, a drama. 30+ indictments and counting. One staff member after another quits or fired. His supporters are something else???
Shaggieman profile picture
Happy Fat Tuesday to All you nice Folks.
techy46 profile picture
Tomorrow's Hump Day!
machiavelli profile picture
The fact 33% of Republicans think Trump committed crimes but over 90% still support him, tells you everything you need to know about the GOP.

They know Trump is a crook, they just don't care.
But ... but ... Obama said you could keep your doctor.
Internal is not a political weapon.
delete 99% acct's and go with $AGR
thicker than water,it's fate.
agr , shun any greed impression , they did get the global award for ethics again.
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