Precision BioSciences IPO: Early Stage Genome Editing Business

About: Precision BioSciences, Inc. (DTIL)
by: Wilsonville Capital
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Founded in 2006, Precision BioSciences, Inc. is a genome editing company using a proprietary genome editing platform named "ARCUS."

Precision intends to develop new solutions for allogeneic CAR T immunotherapy, in vivo gene correction, and food.

The company expects to have only 9-18 patients in the PBCAR0191's Phase 1, which may take approximately 11 months. This is not a large amount of patients.

The market may not react a lot to the results obtained from this first clinical trial.

The company does not expect to use the proceeds from the IPO to pay debt or acquire shares from existing shareholders.

With very sophisticated investors behind Precision BioSciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTIL) and tons of cash in the balance sheet, many institutional investors should be attracted by this new IPO. Having mentioned these beneficial features, the