After Developing A Revolutionary New Nanoemulsion Technology For CBD Oil, Pressure BioSciences Is Worth Watching

About: Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (PBIO)
by: Douglas Johnson
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Douglas Johnson
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Over the past several months, Pressure Biosciences has developed a proprietary shearing technology, which uses high pressure to create nanoemulsions of water and oil.

Pressure Biosciences' shearing technology could potentially have enormous impact on any industry requiring mixture of oil and water (emulsion) - this includes cosmetics, nutraceuticals, food, CBD, and others.

At present, Pressure Biosciences has decided to focus on targeting the red-hot CBD market.

Pressure Biosciences' technology is one of, if not the most, scale-able nanoemulsion technologies available or in development, and provides a significant value proposition to customers.

Over the past couple of quarters, a small Massachusetts-based life sciences company named Pressure BioSciences (OTC: OTC:PBIO) has announced some significant advances in its nanoemulsion technology. With the development of its proprietary Ultra Shear