It's An Opportune Time To Restart The Clock On Vertex Energy

About: Vertex Energy, Inc. (VTNR)
by: Jenks Jumps
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Jenks Jumps
Growth at reasonable price, long-term horizon, value

Vertex Energy reported 2018 full-year results on March 6, 2019. Though revenue, gross margins, and gross profit increased, profitability eluded the UMO re-refiner.

As well, the company had not yet concluded a critical private capital transaction, needed to clean up the balance sheet by addressing debt and needed to fund unfinished projects.

Yet, despite the disappointments, the winds of change have carried in an air of optimism. It's time to consider restarting the clock on Vertex Energy.

Exactly like my reactions after 2018 third quarter results for Vertex Energy (VTNR), I was first disappointed, then, ultimately, optimistic, when the company reported 2018 fourth quarter and full-year results on March 6,