Why The Market Is Overlooking The Massive Opportunity Of Surge Holdings

About: Surge Holdings, Inc. (SURG), Includes: CVX, S, SVNDF, T, TMUS, VZ, WMT
by: Kurtis Hemmerling
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Kurtis Hemmerling
Investment model designer, Quantitative screening, Historical backtesting

Surge Holdings could be worth over 50x today's price in a few years if their products are well received.

I believe that the market doesn't yet understand the opportunity which is why the stock is priced so low today.

I outline my thesis for growth of Surge Holdings along with the risks investors face along the way.

Surge Holdings has reported a couple of exciting new developments since I last wrote about it on Seeking Alpha two months ago. I feel that the upside potential for Surge Holdings is more than 50x