Tesla's Model 3 Sales Fall 82% In Norway And 76% In The Netherlands

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  • April is off to a horrible start for Tesla in the countries in Europe where we get daily sales (registration) data: Norway and The Netherlands.
  • Compared to March, the daily sales rate in Norway in April thus far is down 82%, and in The Netherlands it’s down 76%.
  • For the more expensive and higher-margin Model S and X, Tesla is losing market share to Audi and Jaguar’s electric cars in the most dramatic of ways.
  • Audi eTron and Jaguar i-Pace are outselling Tesla Model X and S combined by a factor of 5.7 to 1 in Norway, and 9.7 to 1 in The Netherlands.
  • Tesla usually makes up for an April shortfall in the last month of the quarter, but this is a very deep hole from which Tesla now has to dig.
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As of this writing, we are 23 days into the second quarter, and it’s time to take the temperature on Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) sales from two of the countries in Europe where we get daily sales reports: Norway and The Netherlands. We get daily reports from Spain too, but those are so small for Tesla that they are not material: here.

Norway: Down 82%

Norway is of course Tesla’s superstar geography, as it's for almost all other electric automakers. In March 2019, battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) were 58% of sales in that country, explained as always by de-facto giant subsidies: here. In Norway, the way it works is that non plug-in cars are taxed extremely heavily, whereas BEVs are essentially not taxed at all. As a result, it gets the highest share of electric cars sold in the world by a wide margin.

Everyone were in awe with how many cars Tesla sold in Norway in March: 5,315 units. Divide by 31 days and you get 171 per day, on average. So where are we in April thus far? Here is the real-time sales chart: here.

In the first 23 days of April, Tesla sold 680 Model 3 units. That’s 30 per day. 30 per day is an 82% reduction from the March daily sales rate of 171.

Actually, during the month of April, Tesla’s Model 3 sales rate in Norway has fallen dramatically inside the month itself. Let’s start by looking at the first two weeks of April: 625 were sold, which divided by 14 days were a sales rate of 45 cars per day. That’s still a 74% decline from March, but here is what happened in the last seven days (April 17-23): Only 32 were sold. That’s less than five per day.

Five per day constitutes a 97% reduction in

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