Guardant Health: Bright Future For Liquid Biopsy Leader, But Valuation Is Rich

May 02, 2019 2:43 PM ETGuardant Health, Inc. (GH)ARQL20 Comments


  • Shares have been on quite a run since IPO.
  • The company is developing blood tests for early detection in high-risk populations and recurrence monitoring in cancer survivors.
  • I provide an overview, touch on recent events, and include highlights from a recent conference presentation.
  • A premium valuation is merited, considering impressive growth, wealth of supportive data, important collaborations, and large addressable market.
  • A pilot position here is appropriate for long-term investors. For my purposes in ROTY, I'd require a cheaper valuation before considering.
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Shares of Guardant Health (NASDAQ:GH) have been on quite a run since its IPO priced at $19 in October of last year. In fact, in just a few short months, the stock was a five bagger at one point in March.

The leader in liquid biopsy testing was identified by multiple ROTY members as an intriguing story worth paying attention to and potentially purchasing a stake in. However, when I looked a couple of months ago, I wasn't willing to consider Guardant for ROTY due to an exorbitant valuation (no matter how much I love a story, I need to get in at a valuation that makes sense).

Now that the stock has pulled back significantly, I'm willing to take a closer look to determine if there's a near to medium term opportunity for us to take advantage of.


Figure 1: GH daily advanced chart (Source: Finviz)

Figure 2: GH 15-minute chart (Source: Finviz)

When looking at charts, clarity often comes from taking a look at distinct time frames in order to determine important technical levels to get a feel for what's going on. In the first chart (daily advanced), we can see healthy price action from the get-go after IPO (consolidation in $30 range, run up to $100, pullback to mid-60s). It's worth noting the stock is still trading well above its 20-day moving average. In the second chart (15-minute), we can see stock continues to consolidate (remains to be seen whether near term there's further downside).


Guardant Health was formed in 2013 with the audacious goal of conquering cancer with data and being a leader in the space of liquid biopsy testing. Management believes that health care is "data starved" and that if this data could be unlocked the end result would be improving outcomes for patients.

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