Catasys Is Transforming Behavioral Health, Blooming Into Rapid Growth Stage

About: Catasys, Inc. (CATS)
by: Katie Mikles
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Katie Mikles
Deep Value, healthcare, tech, oil & gas

Catasys provides a holistic solution for the most expensive "treatment-avoidant" plan member population, integrating cutting-edge technology with personalized human engagement.

FY 2019 revenues are forecast to rise over 130% YOY as it enters the hyper-growth stage with its healthcare cost-shrinking model versus the traditional cost-growing income model.

Its proprietary evidence-based outpatient “OnTrak” 52-week program boasts 54% cost-savings to insurers with a 78% success rate for patients.

it is contracted with 7 of the top 8 largest health insurers covering over 100-million members.

Catasys is gamechanger at the apex where value-based reimbursement and evidence-based treatment models converge to disrupt the Behavioral Health industry.

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