10-Year TIPS Reopening Generates A Real Yield Of 0.567%

by: Tipswatch

The real yield of 0.567% was in line with where this TIPS was trading Thursday morning. No surprise, and the auction appears to have been met with strong demand.

Buyers had to pay a lofty premium, however, because the real yield fell well below the coupon rate of 0.875% generated at the originating auction in January.

The inflation breakeven rate came in at 1.73%, the lowest at auction for this term since September 2016.

The U.S. Treasury's reopening auction of a 10-year Treasury Inflation-Protected Security - CUSIP 9128285W6 - went off as expected Thursday, generating a real yield to maturity of 0.567%.

In the hours before the auction close at 1 p.m. EDT, this TIPS was trading on the secondary market with a yield of 0.56%, so the auction followed the market. That's an indication of solid demand for the $11 billion issue.

CUSIP 9128285W6 had its originating auction on January 17, when the results were much more attractive for investors: A real yield to maturity of 0.919% - about 35 basis points higher. That auction set the coupon rate for this TIPS at 0.875%, which holds through all auctions.

What did it cost?

TIPS are Treasury investments that pay a coupon rate lower than yields on nominal Treasurys of similar terms, but the principal balance of a TIPS rises (and possibly falls) in line with official inflation numbers each month. Investors in today's reopening will get a return of 0.567% above inflation over 9 years, 8 months.

Because the auctioned yield was well below the coupon rate, investors had to pay a premium price, about $103.54 for about $100.66 of value, after accrued inflation is added in (This TIPS will have an inflation index of 1.00655 on the settlement date of May 31).

In my preview article on this auction, I noted that the premium price in effect will wipe out a year of interest and accrued inflation. For that reason, I wasn't a huge fan of this reopening.

But a return of 0.567% could be viewed as "acceptable" when measured against 10-year real yields over the last five years, as shown in this chart:

10-year real yields

(Source: Federal Reserve of St. Louis)

Inflation breakeven rate

With a 10-year nominal Treasury currently trading with a yield of 2.30%, investors in this TIPS get an inflation breakeven rate of 1.73%, the lowest at auction for this term since September 2016. The breakeven rate means this TIPS will outperform a nominal Treasury if inflation averages more than 1.73% over the next 9 years, 8 months.

Although 1.73% is probably "fair value" given current trends of very low inflation, I'd say it's attractive. It should have been a factor in generating decent demand for this TIPS, especially by big-money investors like foreign central banks and pension funds.

Here is the trend of the 10-year inflation breakeven rate over the last five years, showing the deep drop in inflation expectations in 2016 and the later rise after the presidential election of 2016:

10-year inflation breakeven rate

(Source: Federal Reserve of St. Louis)

Reaction to the auction

TIP ETF The TIP ETF - which holds a full range of maturities - was trading slightly higher all morning Thursday, and got a bit of a boost immediately after the auction's close at 1 p.m. EDT. This generally indicates a positive market reaction to the auction. It also indicates that TIPS yields are falling slightly today, across all maturities - another indication of demand.

The Reuters report on the auction backs up this view:

The ratio of bids to the amount of 10-year TIPS offered was 3.07, the highest level since April 2010. This measure of overall auction demand was 2.42 at the prior 10-year TIPS sale, worth $13 billion, conducted in January, Treasury data showed.

Although I wasn't a fan of this reopening auction from a small-scale investor's point of view, the fact that it generated a real yield well above 0.50% is encouraging. The auction result of 0.567% was only slightly lower than the March reopening, which ended at 0.578%. This indicates that for the time being at least, real yields have stabilized.

This auction closes the history of CUSIP 9128285W6. The Treasury will auction a new 10-year TIPS in July and reopen that one in September and November.

CUSIP 9128285W6 (Source: TIPSWatch.com)

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