Video Of Patient Abuse At UHS Facility Provokes Response From Regulators Including Arrests

About: Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS)
by: Penn Little
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Penn Little
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A startling, disturbing, and graphic video of patient abuse at a UHS hospital in the U.K. was released last Wednesday in the U.K.

Video footage gathered was via an undercover reporter for BBC at UHS' Whorlton Hall (a part of Cygnet, the conglomerate's U.K. brand).

UHS, which came under intense scrutiny in 2016, is facing similar abuse allegation in the U.S.

Members of Parliament speak out. Arrests began last Friday morning, according to the Independent.

Oregon State Senator speaks out as well.

For months, we've been reporting on allegations of perfectly imperfect children being held in cages. Now, we know it to be true.

Last Wednesday night, a video, as well as an undercover report,