Dividend Update - May 2019

Includes: ABBV, GIS, HCP, HRL, LTC, NNN, O, T
by: Dividend Daze

It has been a really busy year so far, and May was no different. You have probably noticed, I haven't been as active lately writing posts or buying stock. The main reason for this is because I just bought a house! So, I have basically just been saving all my capital to go toward that. Once things start slowing down, I will be back to it. Although in the meanwhile, my portfolio has been working hard for me, even though I haven't been adding to it. I am also happy to announce a new monthly dividend record!


T - $67.18

HCP - $20.77

NNN - $15.69

GIS - $13.28

HRL - $6.56

O - $7.04

ABBV - $49.39

May dividends add up to $179.91, which represents an increase of 68.8% from last year, where I made $106.46. It just edged out February's dividends to achieve this new record. These dividends came from 7 companies, which is down from the 8 last year because I sold off my position in LTC. Below are some charts from my portfolio page to better visualize the results.

May 2019 Passive Income Report

I always love seeing big growth numbers. Having over 68% growth this month since last year is amazing. There were a few reasons for this growth. First, adding fresh new capital. Even though I have not added much, if not any this year, I did last year. This is just the first time those new shares and their dividends are being realized. My position in T doubled since last year. And my ABBV position was increased almost 5 times over.

My favorite reason is always the dividends themselves. Mainly dividend increases. That is what every dividend investor loves to see. All companies in my portfolio have a history of paying and increasing dividends. Managements of these companies should be shareholder-minded and focus on consistent long-term growth and rewarding shareholders for holding. Being able to DRIP dividends into more shares also increases the forward dividend income and provides growth. There have been a few dividend increases since the prior year. The dividend gains from the other months have also been reinvested, adding to the growth for this month.

May 2019 Year Dividends

I have broken the $100 mark in 3/5 months this year so far. Hopefully, many more to come. Still working on building up a few positions, but that will come in time. Yearly dividends have also surpassed all of my 2016 dividends, and I am half way to being at last year's total. I am very happy with these results. Always love seeing dividend records being broken. Still not even halfway through the year yet, so hopefully more to come.

How did your portfolio perform in May? Did you achieve any big growth numbers or hit any milestones? What companies are on your watch list to purchase? Comments are always welcome below.

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