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We Just Launched A Major Upgrade For Seeking Alpha PREMIUM Subscribers

by: Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha offers access to all new articles, transcripts and news for free.

With a Seeking Alpha PREMIUM subscription, Author and Quant Ratings help you identify the most compelling investment ideas.

With PREMIUM, you also get enhanced stock analysis tools and data visualizations.

We recently launched a number of significant upgrades to our Seeking Alpha PREMIUM subscription service. Here is an overview of the features and benefits:

Access to Articles & Transcripts

Seeking Alpha covers thousands of stocks and funds, many of which (for example, small-cap stocks) are not analyzed elsewhere. Everyone can access all new research and analysis for free within 10 days of publishing. Afterwards, access to the archive of 1 million articles and earnings call transcripts (including audio recordings) is available to PREMIUM subscribers.

Seeking Alpha Stock Ratings

When a Seeking Alpha contributor submits a new article, he/she chooses a rating reflecting the author’s opinion on the stock at the time of writing: Very Bullish, Bullish, Neutral, Bearish or Very Bearish. This provides important context to the article’s readers. PREMIUM subscribers can view the aggregate rating of Seeking Alpha authors in real time. Using Tesla as an example:

Clicking on the “Very Bearish” rating leads to the four relevant recent articles on TSLA.

Article Performance

One can track and evaluate the performance of every article on Seeking Alpha.

Each of the four authors with ‘very bearish’ articles on TSLA (as illustrated above) appears with a chart that shows the evolution of their opinion on the stock over the passage of time, along with the change in stock price, for example:

One can see this particular author has been “very bearish” on TSLA since February 8, 2019. When one clicks that article, the article’s performance appears, as compared with the S&P 500:

We also provide another way to quickly see this by overlaying the price at publication on a stock chart. The black dot shows when and at what price the article was published:

This author has been correct so far on TSLA. What other stocks does an author cover? Clicking the Coverage tab on the author’s profile page shows all the companies the author covers, with the ratings and performance of each article.

Quant Ratings

Quant Ratings are quantitative snapshots of stocks based on objective data. The ratings are generated by comparing over 100 metrics for each stock to other stocks, and ranking the stock accordingly. Investors use them to quickly decide which stocks are worth investigating further.

To illustrate, this is part of the right side of the symbol page for The Boeing Company (BA) when using PREMIUM:

BA’s overall Quant Rating is currently Neutral, which is also the overall average opinion of Seeking Alpha authors. Of the five Quant Rating categories, BA’s profitability is currently excellent (“A+”) but Sell Side analysts (Investment banks on Wall Street) have revised downwards BA’s earnings estimates, leading the EPS Revision category to score an F.

Let's say you want to learn more about why BA scored an A+ for Profitability. To see the underlying metrics click on Profitability:

Each metric ranks Boeing’s profitability as compared with the other companies in its sector.

For more information about quant ratings, or to watch a short demonstration video, please click here.

Dividend Toolkit

Seeking Alpha provides all users with key information regarding dividend paying stocks, including data visualizations. PREMIUM adds a proprietary layer of analysis and forecasts. For example the dividend scorecard rates the dividend’s relative yield, consistency, safety and growth:

Peer Comparison

You likely will want to compare a stock with similar stocks. The Peers tab will show all users a list of related stocks. PREMIUM users are presented with 14 stocks instead of five. To compare a stock with others click on Key Stats Comparison. PREMIUM users can change which four stocks to compare the stock in question and also print or download all the stats. PREMIUM users can also compare ratings and quant factor grades:

Financial Statements

All users have complimentary access to five years of company financials including:

  • Trailing twelve months (TTM)

  • Presentation as absolute values, as YoY growth, or as a percentage of revenue

PREMIUM subscribers have access to 10 years of financials as well as the ability to print and download.

Other PREMIUM features includes fewer ads, enhanced email alerts, and customer support.

Click here to start a 14-day free trial. If you are not delighted with the product, simply cancel within two weeks and you will not be charged.