Activism Could Rescue Value For Shareholders Of Fast Growing Liberated Syndication

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  • Liberated Syndication is a leader in the fast growing world of podcasts and quickly growing top line revenues at an organic 4 year CAGR of 15%.
  • Gross margins have been stellar, and the business has the ability to generate significant free cash flow with little overhead and capex requirements.
  • Management however has a checkered history. With little board independence, insiders are capturing the lion-share of the benefits from LSYN’s success to enrich themselves at the detriment of shareholders.
  • As a result, an activist hedge fund has acquired a 6% stake in LSYN and is proposing the replacement of all four members of the board.

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LSYN is a leader in a fast growing industry with great financial results

Liberated Syndication (OTCQB:LSYN) is a little heard of micro-cap stock that trades OTC. They are a leading host/distributor of podcasts, and according to their latest investor presentation, they have a 28.2% share of the top 400 podcasts as of August 2018, the largest of anyone in the industry. Edison Research has an excellent report on podcast consumers that highlights the ongoing growth in podcast listeners and the continued expansion of the industry.

Percent of US population over 12 that listen to podcasts monthly:

Source: Edison Research

Percent of US population over 12 that listen to podcasts weekly:

Source: Edison Research

LSYN was an early entrant into the field and has been well positioned to take advantage of these trends. Their organic revenues have grown 25% on average since 2015 with a 5 year CAGR of 15%.

Source: S&P Cap IQ

The jump in revenues in 2018 is a result of the acquisition of a web hosting firm, Pair Networks, Inc. The total purchase price was $16.12mm and the operations contributed $9.37mm to 2018’s revenue. The below graphic from LSYN’s Q1 2019 investor presentation breaks out the firm’s sources of revenue after the Pair acquisition.

Source: LSYN Q1 2019 Investor Presentation

The podcast and web hosting platforms operate under a similar business model. LSYN offers a range of options for companies/individuals interested in publishing a podcast/website. These options have different monthly prices based on the publisher's needs and can range from $5-$75 a month for

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