The Acquirers Fund ETF: ZIG When The Market Zags

About: ETF Series Solutions - The Acquirers Fund (ZIG), Includes: ANAT, DEEP, IVE, IVV, PWV, SCHV, SDS, SH, SPTM, SPXU, SPY, SQQQ, TDVFX, VOO, VTI, VTV
by: Cashflow Capitalist
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ZIG is a play on early Warren Buffett-style "cigar butt" investing.

It is a deep value fund focused on long positions in "fair companies at wonderful prices" and short positions in highly overvalued or failing companies.

The ETF centers around founder Tobias Carlisle's signature "Acquirer's Multiple."

The expense ratio is high for an ETF, but less so if considered more as an actively managed hedge fund.

Long positions are currently heavily weighted toward financials.

There are a number of maxims commonly associated with value investing:

  • Always keep a margin of safety.
  • Buy low, sell high.
  • Avoid stocks that are "priced for perfection."
  • Be greedy when others are fearful and