5 Healthcare REITs For Your High-Yield Portfolio

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  • Real estate and healthcare are poised to deliver solid growth this quarter, this year, and next despite an uncertain outlook for the broader market.
  • Healthcare REITs are a perfect blend of both worlds, healthcare and real estate, and deliver steady income for uncertain times.
  • Within that umbrella, the healthcare services and facilities, and especially owners of senior living, skilled nursing and healthcare are especially well-positioned for long-term growth.
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I've been targeting the healthcare and real estate sectors this quarter because of their earnings outlook. Both sectors are projected to produce positive earnings growth this quarter, positive growth this year, and positive growth next year at a time when the outlook for the broad market is uncertain at best. While researching REITs, it became clear very quickly there is an opportunity with healthcare REITs to capture strengths in both sectors.

Real estate, despite sluggishness in the housing market, is still a hot commodity. They aren't making any more land and the population of America is only getting bigger. Health care, especially senior living, skilled nursing facilities, rehab facilities, and patient care centers, are in high demand. Not only is our population growing but the spread of ages also continues to skew toward the elderly.

  • High barriers to entry, regulation/regulatory
  • Long-term contracts, steady dependable income
  • Inflation protected income streams

Estimates from the Population Reference Bureau show the U.S. over-65 population will nearly double in the next 40 years. At the same time, the number of over-65 Americans will overtake their younger counterparts creating a crisis of care; there won't be enough traditional family-based caregivers.

Source: HCP investor presentation

What this means for investors is that while demand for real estate will continue to grow, the demand for health-related real estate infrastructure will grow the most. This is going to fuel rents and revenues for REITs and, in turn, dividends for investors. The July Beige Book says non-residential construction activity is strong and commercial rents are on the rise.

Nonresidential construction activity increased or remained strong in most reporting Districts, and commercial rents rose.

Source: own work

Welltower - Popular But Not Today's Best Choice

Welltower (WELL) is a popular and widely owned healthcare-oriented REIT but not the best

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