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  • Discounting strategy and public relations nightmare continue to haunt margins short term.
  • Strong hiring practices and improving guidance point to a potential image restoration.
  • Turnaround DCF valuation reveals hidden value for investors.

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When you tie your brand wholly to your founder and that founder jumps into racial slur-infested waters, the brand will inevitably sink as well. Papa John's International, Inc. (NASDAQ:PZZA) was unable to escape this very fate - its share price now 52% off its late 2016 highs. However, management has slowly but carefully severed the ties between its sinking founder and the brand. Selective hiring and a re-established corporate identity have resulted in Q2 guidance that hints at a potential turning point for the struggling pizza chain.

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Investment Thesis

According to its Q2 10-Q, PZZA will be forced to pivot its gargantuan Marketing Fund and Starboard Value investments "in response to negative consumer sentiment which has impacted comparable sales." As brand rehabilitation is prioritized over increasing margins, PZZA's financials may continue to stagnate, leading into the final two quarters. However, PZZA's newest executive hires and marketing strategy reveals a defined corporate identity and a long-term plan. If the plan is effectively executed, my DCF model projects an almost 30% rise in stock price.


A comparison between PZZA and Domino's Pizza, Inc. (DPZ) reveals a painful divergence in gross profit margin. Whereas DPZ seeks to improve margins by spinning off less profitable restaurants to franchisees, PZZA has embarked on a fierce price-slashing campaign. In their Q2 earnings call, management emphasized their dedication to the $6 medium price point, a particularly difficult goal from a profitability standpoint, considering PZZA brands itself as the highest-quality pizza. Lower margins and negative comps have created a significant hurdle for CEO Steve Ritchie's turnaround efforts.

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Another aspect investors should take note of is PZZA's expensive stock. For the past few months, the market continued to price PZZA at more than 40x earnings - making them more expensive than

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