Takeda And HemoShear Therapeutics: The NASH Collaboration

About: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (TKPHF), TAK
by: First Genesis Consulting
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Liver Therapy Forum weekly digest provides an overview of what's happening in Liver therapeutics in 2019. This week's focus is Takeda.

In Q4/2017, Takeda announced an exclusive partnership agreement with HemoShear Therapeutics to discover and develop several drug candidates for liver diseases including NASH.

I provide an overview of the Takeda-HemoShear NASH collaboration.

The Collaboration

As a large-cap ($51.9B) biopharma developing innovative therapeutics for diverse chronic diseases affecting different organ systems, Takeda Pharmaceuticals (OTCPK:TKPHF) (TAK) was expected to jump on the NASH bandwagon. In