Breach At Capital One Bolsters The Case For Oracle

About: Oracle Corporation (ORCL), AMZN, COF, Includes: MSFT, NFLX
by: High Watermark Investments
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In July 2019, Capital One reported that a data breach had led to unauthorized access to data of over 100 million customers.

Capital One had employed Amazon as its cloud hosting provider and the hacker was identified as an ex-Amazon employee.

The contours of the data breach were similar to what had been suggested by Oracle, last year.

Additionally,it appears that the breach was due to a structural weakness that had been known for a while.

In the aftermath of this breach, we evaluate if Oracle’s architectural approach can emerge on top.

The Capital One Financial (NYSE: COF) data breach has brought to limelight the issues that technology can cause. Since Capital One had hosted its data on Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) Web Services (AWS), questions