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"Not all Platforms are created equal". More I think about it, first it was e-Commerce bubble with websites created overnight to sell. Now its websites created overnight to provide service on the cloud. A simile. We are in infancy stage of another tech-bubble in the name of a bunch of new-tech startups valued crazy.

My 1c.
Excellent article with some really great, objective data. One of the better articles on SA in some time. Well done.
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In enjoyed your article by the way...just adding something to think about.
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Shopify has the most powerful B2B and D2C ‘multichannel’ e-commerce solution in the world with AI and deep integrations into many Big Tech channel platforms (in +18 languages and covering +180 counties (so far)) to help merchants be everywhere that many people spend 1-10 hours per day.

Shopify helps their merchants know where to get the best bang for their ad dollars and create a presence on all channels to build their brands, know where they get the best sales conversions for each product, know where to offer sales, coupons, and discounts, know where they can get the hugest margins for some products, for product launches, and for new product campaigns, and help them interact with customers everywhere.

Shopify, so far, can help merchants reach Snapchat, Instagram, Amazon, Google products, Bing, Apple Chat, Houzz, Pinterest, eBay, Etsy, WeChat, TMall, Walmart, buzzfeed, video games, Facebook, Kik...etc.

Selling on one channel is so yesterday, for merchants. Being everywhere is now and the future.

Then, think how the United Nations reported the global B2B and D2C e-commerce market was $29Trillion in 2017, as seen here: unctad.org/... , where that market is due to double/triple/quadruple/etc., in the next years/decades. No other ‘multichannel’ e-commerce provider is better poised than Shopify is to capture a nice big chunk of this growing global e-commerce market.

Shopify is just getting started.
Very interesting way of analyzing the data. True! The platforms are distinct.
Great article about platforms. Enjoyed the read and general analysis of these platforms.
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@Richard Durant et all: Check out the great work done by Alec Clayton
excellent article. one of the best on platforms I've read anywhere (and that includes books on double sided platforms and technical articles)

I agree with you that Facebook is undervalued, though regulation might hurt it

I disagree on Spotify. Their entire 'CONTENT' is owned by others so they are at the mercy of the content providers

Uber/Lyft - almost guaranteed to fail
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I admire your attempt at analyzing such a difficult area of study.

There’s so much more that needs to be accounted for such as industry structure and fixed vs variable costs as well as market size. We agree that Platforms are important.

However my conclusions are different from yours. Spotify, and now Peloton have to deal with variable costs (music licensing) and Uber/Lyft have to deal with limited Take-rates.

But long term, the duopoly of ride sharing + electric cars will be a favorable characteristic for Uber/Lyft.
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